Experienced estate management: licensed; bondable; 5'10"; 160 lbs; healthy; athletic
Single; Fresno, California Native; College Graduate; 2nd generation Italian Ancestry
Health and safety conscious male: trouble free; alcohol free; smoke free; drug free


Available for suitable arrangement as an Employee or as an Independent Contractor
Temporary or Permanent: Property Improvement Projects and/or Liquidation Projects
Maintenance; remodeling; new construction; visual presentations; public speaking


Management: Commercial; Agricultural; Mixed use properties including equestrian facilities
Will relocate and live on-site property alone as caretaker without baggage/carry-on only
or will relocate and reside off-site property alone as appropriate for given circumstances


Compensation commensurate with responsibilities (simple relationship agreement)
Self insured: health (Anthem/Blue Cross); liability insurance to follow as needed
California Drivers License: excellent driving record; insured (AAA); Mercedes Benz or for direct contact information visit:
Inquiries please succinctly describe the: 1) Position; 2) Responsibility; 3) Location
Gene Boni is a Real Estate Broker/California Department of Real Estate ID #00528758